“With moratorium over, foreclosures up 76%
to begin 2022...”

July 31st marked the end of a federal moratorium on home foreclosures. Since then more and more properties throughout the country are entering the foreclosure process.

This offers a unique real estate

Some of these foreclosures are properties secured by a first mortgage sitting empty.

Zombie Foreclosures

During the long foreclosure process, these homes can fall into disrepair and rack up code violations with the city. And the longer it stays empty the more the investment returns suffer.

In other cases the homeowner still lives in the property but has fallen behind on payments and is in foreclosure.

I started preREO to help local investors buy distressed mortgages, at big discounts, directly from lenders.

In the case of a vacant property, you can take control by appointing a receiver. Then repair and rent the property during the foreclosure process.

If the homeowner is still living in the property, there are several options to find consensual resolutions with a homeowner.

If foreclosure is completed, you can add the property to your rental portfolio or sell the REO at a profit.

In the Boot Camp, I will teach you step-by-step how to buy distressed mortgages. You'll learn exactly what you need to do to profit from this opportunity.

We will have 2 days of live virtual training presented in 9 sessions. Recordings, presentation slides, and full transcipts will also be provided.

On the 3rd day, we will host a live sales event where you have to opportunity to buy distressed mortgages direct from sellers. Over a thousand mortgages are expected to be available for sale. Suggested asking price is 75% of current property value. So, if a home is worth $200,000 and $250,000 is owing, the asking price on the distressed mortgage will likely be $150,000.

I want to give you everything you need to make your first deal at the end of the Boot Camp.

I am so confident in this system, we will finance 75% of the purchase price of any preREO sold on our platform.

I really want to work with motivated buyers. That's why I'm offering a full credit for your Boot Camp tuition (up to $1497) on your next deal with preREO.

More foreclosures are coming in the next 18 months. So this is the best time to learn about buying distressed mortgages at a discount. Don't miss out!

— Jorge Newbery

Founder of preREO

You will learn step-by step how to...

• Find distressed mortgages secured by a property in your area.

• Bid, negotiate, and finance mortgage notes direct from lenders.

• Take control of the property legally during the foreclosure process.

• Find fast, consensual resolutions with a homeowner (if occupied.)

• Make a profit from rental income and selling after foreclosure.

Live Boot Camp Agenda

Day 1 - Live Training

Session 1:
Introduction to Buying Distressed Mortgages

Session 2:
Finding the Opportunities: preREOs and REOs

Session 3:
Bid, Negotiate, and Finance The Deal

Session 4:
Vacant Properties: How to appoint a receiver, take control of the property, repair, and rent during foreclosure

Session 5:
Occupied Properties: How to find a fast, consensual resolution with the homeowner

Day 2 - Live Training

Session 6:
Make a Profit: Foreclosure and Exit Options

Session 7:
Partnering with preREO: How to finance 75% of the purchase price of distressed mortgages 

Session 8:
preREO Seller Panel: Q&A with real sellers on the preREO platform

Session 9:
Buying Distressed Mortgages Review: making your first deal

Day 3 - Live Event

Exclusive preREO Selling Event for Boot Camp Attendees

Make your first deal at our exclusive at our live selling event where you have to opportunity to buy distressed mortgages direct from sellers. Over a thousand mortgages are expected to be available for sale.

preREO Boot Camp Live includes:

• 9 live virtual trainings with session slides, full transcripts, and recordings.
• An exclusive sales event on the 3rd Day.
• Weekly group meetups with Jorge Newbery.
• 3 live boot camp sessions available (January, February, or March.)

Save up to $1497 on your Boot Camp

Sign up with confidence. Get a full credit for your Boot Camp tuition (up to $1497) on your next deal with preREO with our Tuition Reimbursement Guarantee.

“The best real estate deal of my life.“

— Ali Bigdeliazari

Ali netted over a million in profit in 7 months on his first preREO purchase in Singer Island, Florida. 

“Thank you to Jorge Newbery and his preREO team for making it possible for small, inexperienced investors, like me, to profit from discounted mortgage notes.”

— Marty Wewerka

Marty bought a defaulted 1st mortgage in Yuma, Arizona in March 2021 for $135,000 with 75% of the purchase financed through preREO. The property sold at the auction for $222,000 on August 26, 2021.

Your Host: Jorge Newbery

In 2008, Jorge P. Newbery founded American Homeowner Preservation to buy distressed mortgages at discounts and offer struggling families sustainable solutions to stay in their homes.

However, when the homes backing the mortgages were vacant, he recognized that lenders frequently struggled as they tried to limit their losses.

In 2020, Jorge founded preREO™ to get these vacant properties into the hands of local investors during the foreclosure process which mitigates losses to lenders and accelerates returns for investors, a win-win.